"New" Nursing Observation Database
(Coming Soon)
- The Nursing Observation Database will automatically fire to the 
  task list for patients with an admit status of "Observation".
- No other admission forms will fire to the task list for 
  patients admitted with a status of "Observation", such    as Pneumococal/Influenza Assessment, Pain History
  Assessment, Oral Assessment, Depression Screening, etc.
- If the patient status is changed/updated to any other admit type
  (ex. Inpatient Admit 2 Midnights or More", etc. 
  the appropriate admission forms will fire a task to the task 
  list (Nursing Admission Database, Pneumococcal/Influenza 
  Assessment, Pain History, Oral Assessment, Depression 
  Screen, etc.).
- If the same questions from the "Nursing Observation 
  Database" have already been completed, the information 
  will also update on the Nursing Admission Database.
- The Nursing Observation Database includes 4 sections 
  with 1 additional section for Peds Discharge, if appropriate.
- Always: Get "worklist" to see most current orders - carts do
  not auto refresh the orders list.
PowerChart ECG 
Go Live 12/4/18
Important Items to Remember

- Always "Get Worklist" to see most current orders - carts do not auto refresh the orders list
- Select correct order (patient name) from the worklist prior to performing the ECG
- Transfer images after completing the ECGs
- If paper copy is printed and placed in chart please write "copy" on top of ECG to prevent being scanned into chart
- If paper copy ECG needs to scanned in to patient's chart, write "Scan to Record" on top along with correct MRN and Name
- Clean up unmatched studies list and ECG cart archive each shift
CareView Dashboard
Go Live 11/13/18
CareView Outstanding Issues

- Transfer Destination column - available after the Code Upgrade
   in April
- Graphic dispose error - Any time the application is refreshed or 
  changes are made on the back end, an error message pops up. 
  Corrected with the Code Upgrade in April
- Central Line/Foley icons - Potential solutions are pending for
  central lines and Foley, however the Foley catheter is 
  firing from the order; this may not be corrected until the 
  Code Upgrade in April in order for icons to fire off the 
  individual response, i.e. Insert, Discontinue
- Meds 2 Bed Icon - TBD

                         2 factor Authentication with DUO pic.png      DUO.jpg
​DUO Registration for all Employees
Because of some recent email phishing incidents, Information Technology must make an immediate change to email security in order to safeguard the organization against compromised data. 
On Monday, August 13 at 1:00 pm, everyone who uses AU email will be required to register for Duo two-factor authentication.
 -  If you only access email on campus and have not previously registered for Duo, you will be prompted to register on Monday. Afterwards, you can continue to access your email as usual.
​ -  If you access your email from off campus on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and have not previously registered for Duo, you will be prompted to register for Duo on Monday. Afterwards you will be periodically prompted to verify your identity through the Duo system when you login to email from off campus. 
​​Please visit augusta.edu/duo​​ for more information and to register.​
"Nursing Informatics Team Takes it to the Road"
There will be Handouts distributed throughout the units
for every month with Nursing Informatics Updates
This site has been created as a resource for Nursing, using your ideas to guide us. We have created links to lots of great sites, general as well as nursing. On the left are links to the major areas of the Nursing Intranet. To the right are additional links and below are other information and options. As you review the information in this area, you may be linked to other areas based on any options or links you choose. So, explore and tell us what you think by emailing us at: nursing_webpage@augusta.edu​
by: Laura Brower, MSN, RN 
Vice President ​and Chief Nursing Officer


 Chief Nursing Officer


 Chain of Command


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