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You may need to add mcghi2/ in front of your user name to login. (example: mcghi2/cethomas). You may be prompted to enter your password (same as your email account). If you are using your computer at your desk you may not be prompted for a password. Please contact if you have any questions or problems with login.


Frequently Asked Questions about PAWS

  1. What is PAWS?
    PAWS stands for Portal and Web Services. Augusta University has made a strategic decision to leverage web-based technologies to assist employees in their daily job responsibilities. PAWS is a private, internal website created specifically for Augusta University and AU Health employees.
  2. Why is PAWS a private website?
    PAWS is an intranet and tied to your NetID. As opposed to public websites, intranets are private websites that contain internally focused content not intended for the general public.
  3. Why isn’t my department on PAWS?
    The process of adding departments to an intranet is complex especially for an organization with thousands of employees and hundreds of departments. Over the next several months, departments will relocate their content from older intranets or pull together content and have an internal website for the every first time. Members of the GRU web team are in constant communication with departments across the organization. Please check with the manager or director of your department about the status of moving on to the PAWS website. If they have not been contacted, please have them email Cecelia Thomas at
  4. Where is the old health system intranet?
    The old health system intranet site is no longer available. Cascade Server (the old intranet CMS) is not available and all the content that is current is now in PAWS. If there is information you are unable to find please contact with your request.
  5. Who do I contact if I see inaccuracies on PAWS?
    Up-to-date content is imperative to the success of an intranet. If you notice outdated information or incorrect information published on PAWS, please contact the DCM web team at and include a link to the page with the outdated information and a brief description of where new content can be located.
  6. Who manages the PAWS website?
    PAWS is a collaborative project between Marketing and Information Services. Together, the departments ensure the overall design, content and technologies are up-to-date in order to ensure an efficient tool for Augusta University employees. A web team meets monthly to review the site and discuss new requests.
  7. How can I get my information on the home page of PAWS?
    There are guidelines based around what content can be placed on the PAWS home page. If you have a request, please email All decisions are determined by the Web Management Team.