Clairvia Go Live

The official Go Live of Clairvia Scheduling is Sunday morning, 8/21/16. Your enthusiasm and dedication is greatly appreciated, as we transition to this more efficient method of scheduling. The following is a quick list of the important information for Go Live:

  • ​The 8/21/16, 6-week schedule is current and available for you to view, accept opportunities and request a shift swap.
  • If you have had an issue logging in or creating your password for the first time:
    • Your Clairvia username MAY NOT BE THE SAME as your username for other IT systems.  You should have received an individualized email with your username. The instructions for creating your account can be found in the “Resources” tab.
    • The first time you log in, do not enter a password. The system will ask you to create one.
  • Please try to log in and validate your account prior to 8/21/16. If you have a problem logging in, the help desk now has the access to unlock and/or reset your account.
  • The October 2 through November 12 schedule will open for “Team Scheduling.” This means you may log into Clairvia and request shifts and PTO for that 6-week schedule
  • Additional Training Documents and Videos can be found on the “Training” tab.
  • Super Users will be on units – identified by blue Super User shirts.
Demand and Assignment Manager
  • Demand and Assignment Manager are used by Nurse Managers, Assistant Nurse Managers, Permanent Charge Nurses and Central Staffing to make daily staff assignments.
  • These two functionalities will Go Live at 0700 on Tuesday 8/23/16.
Single Sign On
  • We will begin using Single Sign On 0700 8/23/16
    • Please see the “Resources” tab for instructions.
Command Center
  • A command center will support the Clairvia Go Live beginning at 0700 on Tuesday, 8/23 
  • The phone number for the command center is: 706-201-1852 (1-1852)
  • Command Center Hours:
    • Tuesday 8/23 thru Thursday 8/25: 0700-1900
    • Friday 8/26: 0700-1600
  • If you experience any issues with the system prior to Tuesday morning, please reach out to me directly.
    • Grady Hockersmith, Cerner Engagement Leader
    • ​Email: grady.hockersmith@cerner.com (preferred) 
    • Mobile: 816-868-6136
  • No scheduling requests will be finalized prior to 9/4/16 and issues will be resolved for you well in advance.
Clairvia Webpage Goes Live 8/8/2016
  • New items will be added through Go Live and moving forward as needed.
  • Training videos and documents on Resource tab and available for staff review.
  • Super User List available on Resource tab.
  • 6 Week Schedule Cycle located on Resource tab.
Super Users
  • Available for support on each unit beginning August 7 for opportunity and swap requests.
  • August 21 for shift and time off requests.
Manager, ANM, & Charge Nurse Training
  • August 9 – 11 Daily Editor and Assignment/Demand Manager Week 1
  • August 16 – 18 Daily Editor and Assignment/Demand Manager Week 2
  • Invitations will be sent out to those who should attend and have been registered
End User Training
  • See training materials located on Resource tab – videos and documents.
  • Learning Labs available for end user support - located in BT 1811 from 0800 – 1700. 
  • Dates for Learning Lab Part I: August 8 – 12, August 15 – 17 & August 19 for Opportunities and Swap requests.
  • Dates for Learning Lab Part II: August 22 – 25 & August 29 – September 2 for Shift and Time Off requests.
Clairvia Schedule Opens August 7 – 19 for August 21 schedule
  • Staff can sign up for Opportunities through requests.
  • Staff can place Swap requests.
  • Staff will receive ShiftAlerts for critical unit needs.
  • Super Users available for assistance on units.
Clairvia Schedule Opens August 21 for October 2 schedule
  • Staff can request Shifts and Time Off beginning August 21.​​