Food & Nutrition Services

Managed by Sodexo, Inc.

  • To provide the best food service possible with the resources available
  • To continually improve cost effectiveness in the Food Services overall finances, particularly by revenue raising ventures in appropriate areas of Food Services.
  • To provide a food service which lifts the spirits of inpatients and home recipients, and the morale of hospital staff.
  • To develop a dedicated, profession team of food service providers.
  • Continue to promote the Food Service Department as a resource center for expertise in food services region-wide.
  • Continue to educate hospital staff and the community in aspects of our food technology.
  • To make available efficient and effective meal services to individuals and organizations from outside the hospital. To assist in the research, development and implementation of modern trends in Food Service systems.
  • To develop good public relations between the Food Service Department and the general public, government agencies, other area hospitals and the Georgia Health Science University's Schools & Clinical Departments.
  • To create and maintain an equal employment environment where employees have the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential.
  • To create a safe and harmonious work environment in line with Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

    Service Spirit
    Team Spirit
    Spirit of Progress