The Department of Health Information Management Services’ primary purpose is to ensure the availability of timely, complete, and relevant patient-specific clinical information (regardless of medium) for treatment, payment, research, and healthcare operations.

Health Information Management Services is responsible for the maintenance and management of the legal health records for all MCG Health, Inc. operated hospitals and clinics.

Hours of Service
Health Information Management Services is staffed on all shifts every day for record provision for patient care. Other services are staffed during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Basic Services Offered
  • HIMS Administration (consultation services related to health information management issues)
    • Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure of protected health information (PHI)
    • Medical retention, storage and retrieval
    • Health record authorship and authentication (electronic signatures)
    • Standardization of medical vocabularies and use of coding classification systems
    • Medical record attestation for use as evidence in legal proceedings
    • CMS EHR Incentive Program (“Meaningful Use”)
    • ICD-10 Implementation and Training
  • Image Processing
  • Assessment and Reporting of Incomplete and Delinquent Records
  • Transcription
  • Record Storage and Retrieval
  • Coding and Indexing
  • Release of Information