Medical Records Forms FAQ's

Is there a policy governing medical record forms approval?

Yes.  GRMC Corporate Policy 5.1 “Medical Record Forms Management” can be viewed here.

Why are forms required to be approved for use in the Medical Record and what would cause a form to not be approved?

The Medical Record Forms Committee will ensure that every approved medical record form serves a desired purpose and is clearly identified as a GRMC medical record form.

The committee will not approve unnecessary, non-standard, or poorly designed forms that interfere with the efficient administration of patient care and result in inadequate data collection, laxity in documentation, erroneous information, duplication of effort, and other mistakes.

What are the formatting guidelines?

The formatting checklist can be viewed here.

How do I submit a form for approval?

Forms to be included in the medical record should be submitted to the Medical Record Forms Committee using the web-based application here.

Does the Medical Record Committee approval non-Medical Record Forms?

No.  Only those forms that will be part of the patient’s lifetime legal medical record are approved through this committee.

How do I know what forms have already been approved?

Once forms have been approved, they are available from the Forms Depot