Message from VP

Welcome to Augusta University and the Health System HR Website!  This is a remarkable place to work. Each day, we are reminded of the fascinating advancements in education, research and health care that surround our professional lives. Since 2002, I have been proud to be a part of this organization.


As the administrator over all human resources services within the enterprise, I am personally committed to providing the best possible direction and leadership for the HR operations of Augusta University & the Health System.


It is important to me to ensure that everything we do within HR is aligned with the mission, vision and overall strategic goals of the organization and that our services in support of our faculty, staff, and administration reflect this. By operating under the scope of our vision, we create a culture of unity and teamwork - all focused on reaching the same goal.


Together, we will create a vibrant, outstanding work environment for all employees.


If you have any questions related to HR, please do not hesitate to let me know. I can be reached at (706) 721-3777 or by email at


Susan Norton
VP Human Resources, CHRO
Augusta University​​​​​ & the Health System