Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Health & Wellness, Human Resources provides employees with a variety of services.  Some of the current services include:

  • Pre-employment physicals (including: health screening questionnaire, latex allergy screening, physical examination, tuberculosis screening, respiratory fit testing, bloodborne pathogen screening, vaccinations when applicable and drug screening)
  • Annual health screenings (includes medical questionnaire, tuberculosis screening, and respiratory fit testing)
  • Communicable disease exposure, follow up evaluation and/or treatment
  • Referral to other specialties when deemed necessary
  • Educational offerings
  • Substance abuse screening program with Medical Review Officer
  • Return-to-work after injury, exposure and/or illness
  • Medical Respirator Fitness Examination and Industrial Respirator Clearance
  • Screening blood pressure checks 

Flu Information

Bloodborne Pathogens/Workers' Compensation

Medical Leave/Short Term Disability

The clinic is open Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. Appointments are required for all Post-offer employment physicals, physician visits, annual health screens and many other services offered.

Employee Health & Wellness is located onPope Avenue in the FG Building - FG 1174.
Contact information:
Main Desk: (706) 721-3418
Fax Machine: (706) 721-0882
Email address: EmployeeHealth@gru.edu

Satellite Location:

BA Entrance (south side) Room 1343
By appointment only Mon, Wed and Fri 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Call 706-721-3418 for an appointment


Frances Toole Director 721-8177 FG 1170 ftoole@gru.edu
Dr. James Foster Medical Director 721-2268 FG 1154 jfoster@gru.edu
Susan Charron FMLA/Coordinator/Senior LPN 721-8178 FG 1174 scharron@gru.edu
Edie Swab Senior Employee Health 721-3418 FG 1161


Pamela Patrick Senior LPN 721-3418 FG 1174 ppatrick@gru.edu
Phyllis Hallman Senior LPN 721-3418 FG 1174


Toscha Charles Staff Nurse 721-3418 FG 1174


Adrian Manson Certified OHS Assistant 721-3418 FG 1161


Sherrall Smith

OHS Specialist




FG 1174