Division of Institutional Effectiveness Staff

Beth Brigdon, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, 706-721-9667
Shauncy Rogers, Administrative Assistant, 706-721-3959


Mickey Williford, Director of Accreditation, 706-721-6544
Heather McCoy, IE Specialist, 706-721-3257

Planning and Projects

Kay Roman, Director of Planning and Projects, 706-721-6947
Kristi Lucas, Project Manager, 706-721-706-721-5585
Tia Lyo​ns, Project Manager, 706-721-0998&
Noah Rees, Project Manager, 706-721-7321
Pam Witter, Project Manager/Change Management, 706-721-9629 ​
Wade Caldwell, Assessment Coordinator, 706-721-3392
Stephanie Sparks, Assessment Coordinator, 706-721-6157
Becky Whisenhunt, Assessment Coordinator, 706-721-2107
Erika Grimm, IE Specialist, 706-721-6341

Institutional Research

Holly Goodson, Director of Institutional Research, 706-721-7544
Chris Weldon, Coordinator of Institutional Research, 706-721-5756
Sherrie Jennings, Institutional Research Analyst, 706-721-7545
Andre Goodman, Institutional Research Analyst, 706-721-7543
Heather Lewis, Institutional Research Analyst,706-721-9082
Stacie Pankow, Institutional Research Analyst, 706-721-2553
Kerrie Scott, Institutional Research Analyst, 706-721-2704
Susan Hampton, IE Specialist, 706-721-2996



Ray Whiting, Associate Vice President of Assessment, 706-721-2316
Brenda McCray, IE Specialist, 706-446-5793