Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

Hull College of Business

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Background/ Purpose:
The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) for the HCOB will provide direction on the best strategies for providing information technology resources to support instructional activities at the university. The ITAC will serve as a conduit for the two-way dissemination of information related to instructional computing at HCOB and will serve to otherwise enhance communications among the faculty and academic leaders of the colleges. The ITAC will keep abreast of technological, philosophical, and operational advances that impact instructional computing and provide advice on how the university should prepare to support instructional computing in the future.

The advisory committee’s purpose is to represent the needs of the HCOB when making their recommendations not just the individual goals of a department or center.

  1. Develop appropriate instructional technology communication and support model for HCOB.
  2. Assist in developing an appropriate faculty development program for instructional technology based on identified needs defined in the HCOB strategic plan.
  3. Participate in instructional technology strategic planning activities specific to HCOB goals and objectives.
  4. Update HCOB on new and ongoing GRU instructional technology initiatives.
  5. Identify and prioritize instructional needs and opportunities where technology can best serve.
  1. Instructional Technology planning documentation (processes, policies and standing operating procedures, etc.).
  2. Communicate and discuss updates from HCOB Admin Team, Academic Affairs, and report summaries related to classrooms, and Service Now. Provide feedback on Action Items from previous meetings.
  3. Distribute minutes of ITAC meetings.
  4. Develop and implement a system to identify, demonstrate, and evaluate new instructional technologies for HCOB. Receive feedback so final recommendations can be to HCOB Admin Team.
  5. Make recommendations related to instructional technology training and development.
  6. Review documentation of the operational procedures for classroom and online technology support.
  7. Respond to information and action items distributed from the Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC).
  8. Decide summary content for broad distribution to HCOB, i.e., Business Notes, annual summary, etc.
  1. The committee will remain focused on the use of technology within instruction.  While the group might gain a broader understanding about how the same technology might be applied in research or administrative areas, any projects that are related to those implementations will be managed separately.
  2. The committee will not use this meeting to resolve day-to-day issues, but use the normal IT Service reporting process.
Committee Guidelines:
  1. The committee will establish a monthly meeting schedule.
  2. Meetings will not last longer than one hour unless specifically planned.
  3. Academic and Research Technologies (ART) representative will publish an agenda in advance.
  4. ART representative will provide action minutes within 1 week afterward.
Key Stakeholders:
  • College of Business
  • ITS: Academic and Research Technologies (ART)
  • ITS: Client Services
Role or Interest in the Project
  • Mark Thompson (HCOB), Associate Dean
  • Catherine (Cathy) Slade (HCOB), Management/Marketing
  • Betty (BJ) Blackwood (HCOB), Accounting
  • Buffie Schmidt (HCOB), Computer and Information Sciences
  • Simon Medcalfe (HCOB), Finance/Economics
  • Glen O’Connor (ITS), Field Instructional Systems Analyst -for HCOB
  • Zach Gorman (ITS), Director of Instructional Systems and Services
  • Erick Lemon (ITS), Supervisor of Instructional Services
  • Ashley Windley or Davina Smalley (ITS), Instructional Designer
  • Shawn Clayborn (ITS), Manager of IT Service Desk - resource
  • Gordon Spivey (ITS), Manager of AV Services - resource
  • Walter Ray (ITS), Director of Client Services - resource
  • Tony Wilson (ITS), Instructional Systems Analyst (D2L) - resource
Meeting Location: HCOB Conference Room

Schedule of Monthly Meetings:
1st Thursday of every month from 10am – 11am