Conference Calls


Up to three users
  • Comdial and single line use flashook  SEE NOTE 1
  • P-Phone use "TRANS / CONF" key  SEE NOTE 2
All lines have this feature


  • CNF Feature SEE NOTE 3
    • This feature has to be ordered with GTA work order
    • No monthly charge for feature
    • Allows up to 30 attendees


Unified Arts Conference Calling:

Chairperson: (Voice mail and Conference Feature required)

  • Log into
  • Enter User ID and Password of phone line for conference call
  • Click on conference option
  • Dial 706/434-3201 on conference phone
  • Enter your conference access number
  • Press *
  • Enter your phone pin followed by #
  • You will now join the conference

Participants Dialing In:

  • Dial 706/434-3201
  • Enter conference access number
  • You will now join the conference

Participants Manually Added

  • Option #1 - Use Directory, click on name, click on phone #
  • Option #2 - Use Name/Phone blocks


Note 1
Instructions for Comdial and Single Line
  1. While first person is on line
  2. Depress the SWITCHHOOK (This places the present party on hold)
  3. Listen for SPECIAL DIAL TONE
  4. Dial the third number and listen for ringing
    Note: If busy, no answer or wrong numbers, depress SWITCHHOOK. This reconnects you to the party on hold and clears you from the third number.
  5. Inform third party of three-way conference
  6. Depress the SWITCHHOOK
  7. Begin three-way conference
Note 2
Instructions for P-Phone
  1. While in the current call, press the "CNF" key
    Note: GTA programs *75 into CNF key.
  2. Dial the number of the new person to add to the conference
  3. Press the "CNF" key to establish the conference
  4. Repeat this sequence to add the number of participants (up to the maximum allowed number of participants)
Note 3
Using the CNF Feature
  1. Access dial tone
  2. Dial *75 and you will get a recall dial tone (2-3) bursts
  3. Dial the telephone number of the first conference attendee
  4. Once the first person has answered, press the "FLASH" or "TAP" Button
  5. Dial *75 again and this establishes the conference attendee
  6. To add the 2nd and rest of the conference participants:
    1. Press the "FLASH" or "TAP" Button, listen for the recall tones
    2. Dial the telephone number of the 2nd conference attendee
    3. When answered, press the "FLASH" or "TAP" Button
    4. Dial *75 and this adds the 2nd caller to the conference attendee
    5. Repeat this sequence to add up to the allowed number of participants