Unified Messaging FAQs

Why I can't hear voice messages through my computer speakers?
You computer sound settings are set too low.

Why am I not getting e-mail notification?
Check your junk mail folder e-mail went to junk folder to see if your messages are being sent there by mistake. To prevent this from happening add MessageCenter@UnifiedArts.com to your Enterprise e-mail trust list. 

Why am I not hearing a personal greeting?
Check the "Default personalized greeting" option on the unified messaging web page.

Why is there such a long pause after greeting before beep to leave a message?
When you record your greeting remember to press the # key at the end of your greeting.
I don't have a pin number on my current voice-mail will I need one for the new unified messaging system?
Yes, in order to register your account, you will need a PIN. It would be best to start using a PIN now and the new system will move it for you. 
How do I increase the rings or time before the Voice Mail answers?
Please contact the Help Desk at 706-721-4000 and ask that they open a Telephone Services Request ticket with the request in the description. (An AT&T ticket must be submitted for this change request.)