GA Voice-Mail Quick Tips

Log into your voice-mail account online at to customize your GAVOICEMAIL account to fit your needs by selecting Options, then adjust the appropriate settings.

  • Use caller ID to set the displayed phone number for incoming follow-me calls and outgoing calls that pass through the GAVOICEMAIL system.
  • With follow-me you can set up a schedule to forward incoming calls to an alternate phone number at different times of the day or day of the week. If active schedules overlap, the top-most item will take precedence.
  • Message forwarding sends an e-mail notice to any e-mail address when new messages arrive in your inbox.
  • When checking voice-mails by phone, message playback can set the order in which to play them and whether to automatically play the date/time at the beginning of each message.
  • Enable the recognize me feature so when you dial the System Access number to check your messages from another phone number other than your desk phone. An example: Calling from home to check messages. If you put in your home number in the recognize me feature the system will only ask for your pin number.
  • When listening to messages by phone you can press the "1" key twice (fast) as soon as the announcement starts to go directly to the first message.

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