This web page provides general background information on legal issues with an academic medical center. Because laws, regulations, and policies frequently change, you should not rely on this information to resolve a particular problem. These FAQs are intended to provide general guidance and should not be relied upon as direct legal advice. If you are faced with an issue that has a legal component, we encourage you to consult with the Office of Legal Affairs before you act.

Q:  Who does the Office of Legal Affairs represent?
A:  The Office of Legal Affairs represents Georgia Regents Medical Center, Georgia Regents Medical Associates, Georgia Regents Nursing Associates, Georgia Regents Health Professions Associates, Georgia Regents Dental Associates, and Roosevelt Warm Springs Rehabilitations and Specialty Hospitals.   


Q:  What are the legal name of the Medical Center and Medical Associates?
A:  For the Medical Center:  MCG Health, Inc. d/b/a Georgia Regents Medical Center

     For Medical Associates:  The Medical College of Georgia Physicians Practice Group Foundation d/b/a Georgia Regents Medical Associates


Q:  What is Compliance and who do I call if I have a compliance concern?
A:  Health Care Compliance is the process of understanding and maintaining our organizational promise to comply with federal and state laws and regulations of those who grant us money, pay for our services, regulate our industry, etc. Health Care Compliance includes numerous issues such as reimbursement, grant accounting, managed care, OSHA, privacy, and due diligence to prevent and detect regulatory non-compliance.

The Enterprise-wide Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management (CERM) is charged with oversight for the Health Care Compliance Program (Program) for preventing and detecting violations of state and federal laws, rules and regulations and the policies, procedures and standards of conduct of Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center. This Program applies to all employees, contracted personnel, physicians, other professionals, volunteers, students and other agents. The Program is a part of a policy and procedure and does not replace other Georgia Regents Medical Center policies and procedures.

CERM has a 24 hour hotline number you can use to report any complaints or concerns you may have relating to compliance issues. The number to call is: (800) 576-6623.

Q:  How do I obtain a copy of a contract?

A:  If you're in management, then you can access contracts using MediTract TractManager.  All Enterprise agreements are stored on Meditract.  Simply log on at Meditract.com.  If you forgot your login or have not used MediTract before, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at 1-5709 for assistance.


Q:  What's the number to the Risk Management pager?
A:  1-RISK (7475)

Q:  How do I submit an Open Records Request?
A:  Records of Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia on Behalf of Georgia Regents University (GRU); MCG Health System, Inc. d/b/a Georgia Regents Health System (GRHS); MCG Health, Inc. d/b/a Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC), and The Medical College of Georgia Physician Practice Group Foundation d/b/a Georgia Regents Medical Associates (GRMA) are subject to the Georgia Open Records Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq. Click here for instructions on submitting a request.

Q:  Who can sign contracts on behalf of Georgia Regents Medical Center?
A:  The only individuals authorized to sign agreements, including Statements of Work, legally binding the institution are the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, or the Chief Medical Officer.

Q:  Does the Office of Legal Affairs maintain a list of people I can observe?
A:  No, The Office of Legal Affairs does not maintain a list, and it is up to the individual observer to make arrangements for an observship.

Q:  Can I get a copy of the Georgia Regents Medical Center's Business Associate Agreement ("BAA")?
A:  The Office of Legal Affairs does not provide blank BAA templates.  Business Associate Agreements are originated in the Office of Legal Affairs and must accompany an underlying agreement.

Q:  Who can help me with an advance directive?
A:  Pastoral Care at Georgia Regents Medical Center handles advance directives.  They can be reached at 1-2929.

Q.: Is the Legal Affairs Department available for in-house training?
A.:  Yes!  Depending on the schedule and topic, our lawyers are available to conduct in-house training on a number of topics, like informed consent, EMTALA, HIPAA, employment practices, and healthcare regulations, just to name a few.  We are committed to being an effective in-house resource to the Medical Center and Medical Associates, and this is just one way we hope to carry out that mission.

Q.:  What is the captive insurance company?
A.:  Our captive insurance company was created a number of years ago, and is simply a way of self-funding and controlling our liability exposure so that the Medical Center is adequately protected.  Right now, the captive only applies to claims against Georgia Regents Medical Center, which includes Children's Hospital of Georgia.  We fund the captive based on actuarial studies of our claims history, and predictions for future liability exposure.