Medical Ethics Committee

Georgia Regents Medical Center is committed to providing the best possible care. All members of the healthcare team strive to promote healing and relieve the suffering of every patient. The care of patients in the hospital is increasingly complex and difficult situations are common. Sometimes patients, families and the healthcare team must make difficult decisions about treatment plans. A patient’s family may see things differently than the members of the healthcare team.


A person’s beliefs and values about life, health, suffering and death help to make these decisions about treatment. These decisions can present as dilemmas and can be stressful, frightening and confusing.


The purpose of the Medical Ethics Committee is provide consultation to the patient, family and healthcare team on a wide range of decisions and issues that may occur during a patient’s hospital stay. The committee does not have the authority to determine patient care, and serves in an advisory capacity only, but it is often helpful to families or staff facing difficult decisions.