Electronic professional billing pilot to go-live Sep. 9

ICD-10 training due for providers in pilot group​ ​

​​​​Ambulatory professional e-billing will go-live for the following outpatient services on Wednesday, Sep. 9, at 7:00 am.  Training for the represented providers (Attendings, Residents, Fellows and APPs) is also due by 7:00 am.  Anyone who has not completed the ICD-10 department, online, and learning lab training by that time (items 2, 3 and 4 listed below) will lose PowerChart access until complete.​

Please complete both your paper encounter forms and electronic billing through the end of the week.​

Site​​ Description​​
Main Campus​​ General Neurology (Dr. Pruitt)​​
Main Campus​​ ​​​General Pediatrics​​
Main Campus​​ ​​Internal Medicine​​
Main Campus​​ Pediatric Surgery​​
Main Campus​​ Plastic Surgery​​
Main Campus​​ Dermatology​​
Main Campus​​ Dermatology - MOHS​​
West Wheeler​​ West Wheeler Internal Medicine PCA​​
West Wheeler​​​​ West Wheeler Pediatric PCA​​
West Wheeler​​ West Wheeler Pediatrics​​
West Wheeler​​ West Wheeler Pediatrics Surgery​​
West Wheeler​​ West Wheeler Podiatry (Dr. Szabo)​​


All other ambulatory practice sites will go-live with Professional E-Billing on Tuesday, Sep. 15 at 7:00 am.​

Beginning on Sep. 9, a dedicated Command Center will be available to take your calls regarding e-billing if you have questions – please call 706-721-7455. In addition, we will have subject matter experts circulating in the clinics during business hours to provide one-on-one assistance, as needed.​

Training Reminders​
1.  ​​HealthStream Online Training – complete​
2.  ​​​​Dr. Fallaw’s Department Training on ICD-10 and Meaningful​ Use
if you were unable to attend in person, you can view the make-up session in the online training​
​​3.  Online training EHR Optimization-Meaningful Use Provider Training (ICD-10)​

click here for instructions and the link to the training

this should take approximately 1 hour to complete or 1.5 hours if you need to also view Dr. Fallaw’s make-up session​

4.  ​Learning Lab Cerner Training in BP-3306​
click here for schedule​
      click here for map to the Learning Lab
       this should take as little as 10 minutes to complete​
​5.  GRMA/Culbert Department Training for ICD-10​
      click here for schedule
​6.  Navigant Training TBA​

·         Anesthesia Faculty – Abridged online training requirement:  View Dr. Fallaw’s make-up session if you did not attend a session in person, VIP, Visit Summaries, Duplicate Checking for Lab Orders, Recording Smoking Status, Med Reconciliation, Attestation.

·         Anesthesia Residents – All training identified above is required.

·         Radiology Faculty and residents – training to be assigned by Dr. Rawson; exempt from online, learning lab, and Dr. Fallaw’s department training.

·         Interventional Radiology Faculty/Fellow – All training identified above is required.

·         ED Faculty – Exemptions are the online training for billing (rest of online is required) and the Learning Lab (optional)

·         ED Residents – All training identified above is required.

·         Clinical Pathology – All training identified above is required.

·         Other Pathology – Exempt from Dr. Fallaw’s training, online training, and Learning Lab training


If you have training questions, please contact our training team at trainme@gru.edu.​