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Upcoming changes 
1.  Click on the link below to view the upcoming changes to affecting Synchronicity in the Ambulatory setting

​​A summary of upcoming changes:
Go-live for eBilling for the pilot sites.  Areas included in the pilot are as follows:
1.  Internal Medicine
2.  General Pediatrics
3.  Pediatric Surgery
4.  Plastics
5.  Dermatology
6.  Podiatry (Dr. Szabo)
7.  Neurology (Dr. Pruitt)

        • ​​​​​​​​​Items that will be going live during this time for pilot areas are​​
        • 1.  eBilling
        • 2.  Secure Messaging
        • 3.  Clinical Decision Support
        • ​​a.  Med Rec Rule (only one hard stop will be enabled which will stop the physician from placing charges on a visit where Med Rec is not completed)
        •  ​

On 9/15/2015, all other ambulatory sites will go-live with the above. Additionally, all new features relating to Meaningful Use will go-live, in ALL areas, on Sep. 15.

1.       Transition of Care

2.       Health Maintenance

3.       Immunizations Measure

4.       Clinical Decision Support

a.       ​Med Rec ( both hard stops will be included; Return to Clinic Order and Charges)

b.      Clinical Efficiency rule

c.       Smoking Status​