AIDET® is an acronym that stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You. AIDET® is a communication framework that:

  • Improves patient and customer perception of their care or the service they receive
  • Helps reduce their anxiety (thus improving outcomes)
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Ensures that all service providers are delivering consistent measures of empathy, concern, and appreciation

Advantages of AIDET®:

Decrease anxiety with increased compliance. 

This tool enables organizations to improve their patient perception of care results. When hardwired in organizations, it is proven that organizations outpace the national average in improvement.


The Keys to Effective Patient and Customer Communication Include:


  1. Acknowledge— Acknowledge the patient by name. Make eye contact, smile, and acknowledge everyone in the room (patient and families).
  2. Introduce —Introduce yourself, your skill set, your professional certification, and experience. 
  3. Duration —Give an accurate time expectation for tests, physician arrival, and identify/communicate next steps. When this is not possible, give a time in which you will update patient on progress. 
  4. Explanation —Explain step by step what will happen, answer questions, and leave a way to contact you, such as a nurse call button or phone number. Use language a patient can understand. 
  5. Thank You —Thank the patient. You may thank them for choosing your hospital, and for their communication and cooperation. Thank the family for assistance and being there to support the patient.

AIDET® is a registered trademark of The Studer Group, LLC.