Department Purpose:

The Pediatric Practice Site provides evaluation, treatment and diagnostic services to children from birth to 21 years of age.  Some subspecialty areas treat patients over age 21. Any patient can receive services through self-referral, call-in appointments, or referral from physicians or other agencies.  Primary pediatric care is provided through the General Pediatric section.

   Hours of Operation: 8:00AM – 5:00PM 
   Location: Third Floor Medical Office Building  
   Accepting Appointment Calls: 7:30AM - 5:30 PM
   Medical Director: David Flannery, MD
   Administrative Contact:  Jim Mumford 721-6078 or
   Nursing Contact:  Becky Douglas 721-7407 or
Scope of Service



Allergy/Immunology– 721-2390

    Dr. William Dolen
    Dr. Dennis Ownby
    Dr. Philip Smith
    Dr. Betty Wray
    Asthma Education- 721-2390
    Vicki Redd, RN
    Dermatology - 721-2380
    Dr. Cheryl Barnes
    Genetics – 721-2390

    Dr. David Flannery
    Infectious Disease – 721-2390
    Dr. Chitra Mani
    Dr. Dennis Murray
    Pulmonology – 721-2390
    Dr. Margeret Guill
    Dr. Valera Hudson
    Special Child – 721-2390
    Dr. Karen Carter
    Dr. Paige Ward




    Dr. William Dolen
    Dr. Dennis Ownby
    Dr. Philip Smith
    Dr. Betty Wray


Asthma Education- 721-2390
   Vicki Redd, RN
Dermatology - 721-2380  
    Dr. Cheryl Barnes
    Dr. David Flannery
Infectious Disease721-2390
    Dr. Chitra Mani
    Dr. Dennis Murray
    Dr. Margeret Guill
    Dr. Valera Hudson
Special Child721-2390
    Dr. Karen Carter
    Dr. Paige Ward


 General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine – 721-2191

    Dr. Reda Bassali
    Dr. Lynette Bauza
    Dr. Joel Brenner
    Dr. Maureen Claiborne
    Dr. David Freeman
    Dr. Karthik Krishnan
    Dr. Lisa Leggio
    Dr. Charles Linder
    Dr. Kathryn McCleod
    Dr. Donna Moore
    Dr. Robert Pendergrast
    Dr. Leila Stallworth
    Dr. Christopher White

Resident Continuity721-3791

Wes Blackwood
Nicole Brockway
Brad Buckler
Jane Chikkula
Mathew Clark
Nick Colvard
Martha Cordoba
Rachel Crudington
Ronnika Culbert
Lisa Davis
Wesley Davis
Stephen Eubanks
Rachel Gagen
Brandy Gheesling
Nichole George
Amanda Hendricks
Marshall Ivey
Ajay Jain
Ted Johnson
Mary Lewis
Kathryn McCuster
Lacy McCurdy
Amanda McGahee
Sara Norris
Lee Perry
Todd Roemmich
Brian Stansfield
Taryn Stelter
Nikkia Taylor

(Continuity con’t)

Holley Van de Voort
Kelly Watson
Jill Wheeler
Renee Williams
Nathan Wilson
Marc Yandle


Dr. Coral Hanevold
Dr. Louis Ortiz

Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Rheumatology – 721-3791

Dr. Rita Jerath
Dr. Rashmi Shekhawat


Dr. William Hoffman
Dr. Andrew Muir

Gastroenterology – 721-3791

Dr. Vita Goei

Surgery – 721-3941

Dr. Robin Hatley
Dr. Charles Howell

Dr. Walter Pipkin



Dr. Afshin Ameri
Dr. Beverly Bell
Dr. Colleen McDonough
Dr. Roger Vega
Dr. Alfredo Voloschin

Sickle Cell– 721-6256

Dr. Kathleen McKie
Dr. Virgil McKie

Services Located on the Second Floor of the Children’s Medical Center


Neurosciences 721-0650

Dr. James Carroll
Dr. Elizabeth Sekul
Dr. Ki Lee
Dr. Mark Lee
Dr. Yong Park
Dr. Kimbery Bingamen

NICU Follow-up

Dr. Chantrapa Bunyapen

Services Located on the Sixth Floor of the Main Hospital

Cardiology 721-8522

Dr. William Lutin
Dr. Henry Wiles
Dr. James St. Louis

Cardiology Diagnostics

Stress Testing
Holter MonitoringEvent Recording