Pastoral Care

It is the mission of the Department of Pastoral Counseling to provide spiritual and emotional support to all patients, visitors, and staff personnel of the GRHealth Medical Center and Clinics, particularly in times of loss and bereavement, and to do so in an interdenominational, multicultural manner in which all faiths are respected. We will work with the community to insure access and availability to the spiritual resources requested by our patients.

Patient Care Settings
Chaplains in the Department of Pastoral Counseling perform their duties in various settings throughout the medical complex. Patient rooms, waiting areas, clinic rooms, intensive care units, and common areas throughout the hospital serve as settings for pastoral encounters. It is the goal of the department to be visible in, and maintain a relationship throughout, all clinics, nursing units, clinical areas, and support areas throughout the medical center.

Patient Population
Any patient admitted into the GRHealth Medical Center is a potential recipient of the services of the Pastoral Counseling Department as are their families and friends, and other associated visitors. A great deal of time is also given to staff support as the nature of health care work lends to stress related responses. We seek to support the staff as well as to help care for them when events occur in their family.