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pawsPathologyManual: Antibody Identification

Lonic Code


Test Name

Antibody Identification


Antibody panel, panel testing, red cell antibody identification

Test Consists

Investigation of serum to identify antibody(ies) that were detected in the antibody screen procedure or crossmatch procedure.  Requires testing the serum against a panel of red cell specimens of known red cell antigen phenotypes for the major blood group systems.

Specimen Requirements


Volume and Container

Pink top (EDTA) tube. (Both a lavender and red stoppered tube may be requested if more tests are required for identification purposes).

Storage and Transport

Send to Blood Bank at room temperature

Critical Values

Significant findings include identification of clinically significant antibodies or antibody.

Causes for Rejection

Improper labeling; wrong tube; gross hemolysis; insufficient volume

Turn Around Time

24 hours




86870, 86885

Medicare Fee




Row Stamp


Last Updated

10/07/2003 10:59:27


10-20 mL

Minimum Volume



Necessary prior to transfusion to identify antibody or antibodies when the antibody screen test is positive.  May be done on eluates from red cells having a positive DAT test.  Necessary to work up obstetric patients for antenatal diagnosis of HDN.  To work up hemolytic anemia when the DAT and or indirect Coombs' test is positive.

Professional Fee


Tech Charge


Total Fee


Special Instructions

Indicate on requisition form diagnosis, transfusion history, recent drug history, and pregnancy history.


Blood Bank  BI-1230  721-2731


Testing Daily

Request Form



Immediate spin, 37C phase using LISS, then indirect Coombs' phase.  May require adsorption and elution procedures, selected panels, and other mediums for identification purposes.

Patient Prep


Post Processing


Collection Guidelines

Label tube(s) with patients name MRN#, date, and phlebotomists initials.  If blood components are required, label red stoppered tube using Fenwal Arm Band labeling system.  Refer to crossmatch test for labeling specifics.

Reference Range

Not applicable

Limitations and Contraindications

Antibody may be too weak to identify.  Panel cells may not contain specific antigen to antibody inserum.  Antibody may be to a low incidence antigen that may not be detected in the antibody screen test procedure.  May require sending specimen to a reference laboratory to identify and to obtain compatible units for transfusion.



Additional Information

Difficulty in crossmatching patients sensitized to red cell antigens may result in delay of blood availability.  Identified clinically significant antibodies known to cause HDN will be titered if identified in obstetric patients.

CPOE Test Name

Antibody Identification






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