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pawsPathologyManual: Autologous Donation

Lonic Code


Test Name

Autologous Donation


Autologous, Autotransfusion

Test Consists

Removal of unit of autologous blood fron a donor/patient and processing the autologous red cells for subsequent reinfusion to the same donor/patient.

Specimen Requirements

Autologous unit collected and processed.  When autologous donor/patient requires the unit(s) to be transfused, submit a plain red stoppered tube or pink EDTA tube labeled with a Fenwal Typenex blood identification label containing the patient''''s name, medical record number, date, and phlebotomist''''''''s initials.

Volume and Container

Lavender top (EDTA) or pink top (EDTA) tube. Fenwal label

Storage and Transport

Send patient pretransfusion sample to Blood Bank at room temperature no more than 72 hours prior to transfusion.

Critical Values

If an autologous donor/patient unit in testing is found to be reactive to the human immunodeficiency virus antigen or found reactive for antibodies to HIV, the unit will not be used.  The patient's physician will be notified.  If any other autologous unit testing results are positive, a biohazard label will be applied to the autologous unit.

Causes for Rejection

Autologous donor/patient not meeting SOP and regulatory requirements.  Patient sample drawn prior to transfusion time labeled incorrectly, submitted in wrong tube, or grossly hemolyzed.

Turn Around Time

5 working days from autologous donor/patient collection time.





Medicare Fee




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Last Updated

10/07/2003 10:59:27


10 mL patient sample for pretransfusion tests

Minimum Volume

7 mL patient sample for pretransfusion tests


Elective surgery (patients undergoing orthopedic procedures, vascular surgery, openheart surgery).  Indications for transfusion should follow same requirements as for red blood cells.

Professional Fee


Tech Charge


Total Fee


Special Instructions

The autologous donor/patient is given predonation material, education material, and after blood donation postdonation instructions.


Blood Bank  BI-1230  721-2731;  Donor Room  BI-1202  721-3694


For autologous donation call M-F for appointment.

Request Form

Form from Blood Donor Room requesting Autologous blood must be completed by patient and physican.


Same as with regular blood donor donation procedure.

Patient Prep

For autologous donor/patient unit to be collected, the donor room must have consent of the donor patient's physician and blood bank physician to collect the autologous donor unit.  Hemoglobin must be no less than 11 g/dL.  The autologous donor unit can not be drawn within 72 hours of anticipated surgery.  The donor/patient should be in general good health before donation.  Iron therapy may be considered by the attending physician for the patient when several autologous donor units are to be collected.

Post Processing

Monitor the patient's hemoglobin when several autologous donor units are being collected.  Advise patient/donor to maintain a high fluid intake to restore blood volume after donation.

Collection Guidelines

For an autologous donor unit collection, FDA regulatory requirements, and SOP procedures are followed during donor/patient collection and processing of the autologous donor unit. Patient crossmatch sample must be collected within 3 days of anticipated transfusion and submitted in a Fenwall Typenex-labeled tube.

Reference Range

Not applicable

Limitations and Contraindications

Autologous units should not be drawn for patients that seldom require transfusions, or patients in which blood transfusions are not indicated.  These autologous units may not be transfused to anyone except to the donor/patient that donated the unit.  Any adverse reaction must be treated the same as with any transfusion in detection, reporting, and evaluation.


Elimination risks of alloimmunization, viral transmission, and other transfusion hazards.

Additional Information

If units are not used, the patient will be billed for collection and processing fees associated with each unit.

CPOE Test Name

Not ordered in CPOE must be coordinated with Blood Donor Room






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