Requisition and Labeling of Specimens:

Specimen Labeling:

Specimen and request form must both be labeled with the correct patient name, medical record number (MRN) and corporate patient index (CPI ) number. Name and numbers on specimen container and request form must match exactly to be acceptable. Specimen and request forms should be attached to each other either by a rubber band or by being placed in a two-pocketed specimen bag. Blood micro-collection containers may best be attached by taping them to the request form without obscuring information on the form.

  1. Specimens for the Blood Bank Laboratory must be labeled with the MRN rather than the CPI number and must always bear the date of collection and name of the phlebotomist. Also, Blood Bank specimens may bear only a single label. For more information on the collection and labeling of Blood Bank specimens, refer to the section on Transfusion Medicine. If any questions arise, call the Blood Bank at ext. 1-2731.
  2. Timed specimens must be labeled with the time and date of collection or else some indication of time must be provided, such as: Peak, Trough, Pre-infusion, Post-infusion, Time 0 min., 30 min., etc.

Request Forms:

Staff is asked to complete all requested information. Critical items are the patient=s name, medical record number and CPI number with a valid Visit Suffix, submitting physician=s name and number, extension or beeper number, initials of phlebotomist or collector, collection date and time and test[s] desired. An incomplete request form may delay result availability. ICD-9 codes are required by HCFA and others for each test ordered.

Note: For microbiology tests, precisely identify specimen type and source, currentantimicrobial therapy, suspected organism(s) especially if unusual and the precise collection time.

Canceled Specimens:

The submitting physician or the patient>=s nurse will be notified of all canceled tests or specimen rejection and the reason for cancellation or rejection. Any requests for further processing should be addressed to the medical director or pathologist on call.