Specimen Procurement: Inpatient

By Laboratory:

Laboratory personnel no longer perform inpatient phlebotomy, the service is provided by nursing and medical staff.

By Other Hospital Staff:

  1. All inpatient blood specimens should be drawn by the doctor or his / her designee and brought with the CPOE labels properly filled out or a laboratory request form to the Specimen Receiving area or other appropriate laboratory for testing.
  2. Blood cultures (on inpatients) are to be collected by the doctor or his / her designee.
  3. Line draws must be free of anticoagulant.
  4. Care must be taken not to hemolyze the specimen. A clean venipuncture with steady flow into blood tubes and gentle mixing of tubes help to ensure this.

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Specimen Procurement: Outpatients

Ambulatory Care Center:

  1. The ACC Specimen Collection Area is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday except on holidays. Blood specimens are obtained by venipuncture and dermal puncture. Random and clean-catch urine specimens are also collected in this area.
  2. Doctors or their designees are encouraged to collect their own samples on patients when indicated. All STAT specimens should be taken directly to the Receiving area of the Core Laboratory. Routine samples may be delivered to the ACC Collection Area or be left at ACC Clinic Area specimen pick up sites.
  3. When laboratory collection is desired, the patient should be sent to the ACC Specimen Collection Area (BP-2212) with the appropriate request forms.

Hospital Admits:

  1. Pre-admission patients requiring pre-operative workups are processed through the Pre-operative Evaluation Site in the ASU entrance on the first floor of the MCGHI Hospital.
  2. Early-admission patients who require specimen collection on a holiday or weekend report to the Main Admissions (Patient Access Services), and the specimens are later collected by the floor or unit to which they are assigned. The specimens of patients admitted from the Practice Sites (Adirect admits@) may be collected either by the Practice Site staff or the patient may be sent to the Ambulatory Care Center collection area (BP-2212). Patients being admitted from outside the hospital are routed with appropriate request forms to the floor or unit to which they are assigned and lab specimens are collected there.
  3. Patients admitted from Emergency Services (ES) will usually have had admissions blood work collected in ES or it will be done on the ward or unit to which they are assigned.

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