NEW PHONE NUMBERS for Perioperative Services


Assistant Vice President Allen Kelly, RN 706-721-6853
Chair of Anesthesia ​Steffen Meiler, MD ​706-721-2534
Chair of Surgery
Charles Howell, MD 706-721-4651

Perioperative Services Department

Assistant Vice President Allen Kelly, RN 706-721-6853
   Perioperative Coordinator Sue Johnson 706-721-6853
Business Manager II Mike Phipps
   Inventory Control Coordinator  Luke Cooper 706-721-2113
Perioperative Manager Stanley Bartlett, RN 706-723-4430
   Nurse Educator Maria Gentile, RN 706-723-4431
   OR Front Desk
   OR Core Desk
   Biomedical  Engineering Tech James Jones 706-723-4426
Sterile Processing Center Manager (CSR, Supplies) Helen Bentz, RN 706-721-3169
​   CSR Supervisor ​Nick Bennett ​706-721-2679
Perianesthesia Manager Donna Smith, RN 706-721-7225
   Nurse Educator (Perianesthesia) Pam Hunt, RN 706-446-0355
   Same Day Surgery (8W) - Charge Nurses Lutrica Jordan, RN 706-721-8288

Debra Marranci, RN 706-446-3542
   PACU / Recovery - Charge Nurse ​Leslie Edney, RN 706-723-4433
   Holding Area 706-723-4205
   Pre-op (PAT) - Charge Nurse ​Dena Lyda, RN 706-721-1994
Clinical Quality Services Manager Kiana Allen, RN 706-721-7091
   Informatics Business Analyst
​Rhonda Prescott 706-721-3008
​   Nursing Informatics Analyst ​Jackie Sampson, RN
​   OR Scheduling Office 706-721-3330
​   Bloodless Medicine ​Loretta Humes, RN ​706-721-2677
Perfusion Services - Chief (Adult) Erica Hawthorne
Perfusion Services - Chief (Pediatrics) Bert Buckman