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Scope of Service


To define the services available patients from the Respiratory Care Services (RCS) Department at the MCGHI Medical Center, Adult Respiratory Care Services and Adult Pulmonary Function Laboratory.


Policy applies to all MCGHI Respiratory Care Services employees, Respiratory Therapy Instructors and contract employees.


The Department of Respiratory Care offers the following services. Not all employees of RCS are eligible to provide all services.


  • The following services are available to patients:

    • Diagnostic Services

      • Arterial puncture

      • Arterial line draw

      • Bedside assessments of lung function

      • Blood gas interpretation

      • End tidal and transcutaneous CO2

      • Pulmonary Assessment

      • Respiratory Care Evaluation the therapy

      • Waveform Analysis

      • Bronchscopy assist

      • Thorocentisis assist

      • Exercise testing

      • Pulmonary Function Testing

    • Theraputic Services

      • Aerosol therapy

      • Bronchodilator therapy

      • Breathing exercises

      • Bi Level positive ventilation / VPAP

      • CPAP

      • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

      • Bronchial hygiene and expansion therapy

      • Heliox

      • High frequency ventilation / oscillatory ventilation

      • Iner-hospital transport

      • Mechanical ventilation

      • Nitric oxide (Research Protocol)

      • Noninvasive ventilation

      • Oxygen therapy

      • EZPap

    • Protocols

      • Weaning

      • Meter dose inhaler

      • Mechanical ventilation

      • Lung Recruitment with Open Lung Tool

    • Special Services

      • Airway management

      • Discharge Planning

      • Intubations (Emergency)

      • Patient / Family Education

      • Resuscitation

      • Tracheostomy maintenance

  • Services Made Available to Other Departments Include

    • Educational:

      • Continuing Education Programs

      • BLS with Organization Development & Professional Learning Center (ODPLRC)

      • ACLS with ODPLRC and the Dept. of Anesthesia and Peri-operative Services

      • Informal instruction to HCP's on Critical Care Modalities (upon request)

    • Clinical Instruction

      • MCG RT Program (Baccalaureate Program)

      • ATI RT Program (Associate Degree Program)

      • AHEAC

      • University of GA PharmD


It is the responsibility of each employee to provide best patient care with the Scope of Care delineated in this policy and their job description. Each employee must maintain annual competencies and Managers and Lead Therapists of the Medical Center and the Children's Hospital have the responsibility to insure staff maintains annual competencies and prohibit staff lacking annual competencies from practicing those therapies or procedures.