IAHSS Certified Security Officers

Georgia Health Sciences Health Sciences Health System Security Officers receive various types of training throughout employment.  All officers are required to take and pass the Basic level Certification test for the IAHSS or International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety within the first six months of duty.  This material is quite in-depth including subjects such as Emergency Management, Crisis Intervention, Bomb Threat Response Planning, and much more.  This material also covers all pertinent regulatory agencies such as OSHA, the Joint Commission, HIPAA Rules, and others.  Because this material is so in-depth, the test can be very difficult, and for this reason the officers are proud to earn the right to wear their IAHSS Certification Patch and Basic Certification pin.

Currently Certified Officers:

​Lieutenant Colonel Bible

Captain Carter

Captain Ricketts​

​Lieutenant Allen ​Sergeant Guy
​Sergeant Simione ​Officer McCormack ​Officer McDonald
​Officer Heath ​Officer Prince
​Officer Garganeous ​Officer McCauley ​Officer Pfiffner
​Officer Helmstetter ​Officer Fredericks ​Officer Colbert
​Officer Lloyd ​Officer Oates
​Officer Greening ​Officer Golden ​Officer Parker
​Officer Burke ​Officer Burton ​Officer Cunningham