GRU Alert System Updates

This past January, as the sun began rising on a landscape covered in snow and ice, an old problem resurfaced. Employees awoke to treacherous road conditions, confusion about whether transportation was available to help them get to work and whether their department was even open. Although the clinical operations had been integrated operationally, separate communications by each group added to the confusion for some.

What was clear was the need for an enterprise-wide rapid mass notification system.

Although the hospital Emergency Management Department was capable of using the "LiveProcess" software to send alert messages to hospital leadership or to special groups such as the Decontamination Team, there was no system that could reach the majority of employees with timely news such as operational changes or even impending danger such as a tornado.

The need became a major focus of administration and Phil Howard, GRU Vice President for Facilities Service, charged the Emergency Management Department with finding a solution.

On January 23, 2011 an initial enterprise-wide committee decided that the best approach would be adding the hospital to the university's GRU Alert system.

Since then, the committee has worked diligently to get this vital communication system in place. To date the sub-site - MCGHI Alert - and the e-mail account for the system have been designed, created and tested. On May 10, an informational message was sent to all e-mail addresses in the system; with a 96.4% success rate. The final step, an automated system to enable employees to easily update contact information, should be complete within 90 days.

Human Resources is working with a vendor to redesign the Employee Self Services web page where employees will provide their key contact information including work cell phone, office phone, work e-mail as well as a personal phone number.

The addition of MCGHI Alert as a sub-site of GRU Alert will offer a true revolution in the quality of the enterprise's emergency communication capabilities that ensures everyone gets the same information at the same time. However it also will enable communication with specific groups within the enterprise, such as the hospital staff or the physicians.

More information will follow as the redesign of Employee Self Services is completed and employees can begin to enter the contact information that is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of the new system.