Security Focused Lunch and Learn Program

Safety and Security will host one Lunch and Learn event each month. Lunch and Learn events are open to all employees. Your participation is strongly encouraged whether you can attend for five minutes or the complete 90 minutes. Presentations generally last 15 to 30 minutes followed by time for questions and open dialogue.
April 26; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Current Gang issues and local gang activities.
Presented by Richmond County Sheriffs Department
May 31; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Summer safety, enjoy the outdoors and live to tell the story.
Hosted by Freddie Minix
June 28; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
The truth about pepper spray, really effective or a dangerous false sense of security.
Hosted by Randal Gossert
July 26; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
How to get the most for your child's education from elementary school to college degrees.
Presented by the Richmond County board of education.
August 30; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Street drugs, what is on the market, what is hot, what is not.
Presented by Richmond County Sheriffs Department
September 27; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Security and Safety for your home, how well does your home welcome or deter a thief?
Presented by Vault Security a division of Regent Security
October 25; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Self defense strategies, effective ways to protect yourself against an attacker.
Hosted by Lillian Bible
November; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
The Joint Commision survey, an update on where we stand for our next survey.
Hosted by Tamra Parrish
December 20; 1130-1300-Magonilia Room-
Inclement weather proedures, what to do when the weather conditions prohibit travel.
Hosted by Dennis Jones