Safety & Security Ancillary Services

Customer Service Officers
Joyce Ellis
Senior Customer Service Officer

Customer Service Officers are frontline customer service for the Emergency Department.  SCOs are courteous and friendly and will answer the questions of hospital visitors. Customer Service Officers are overseen by security leadership.

Behavioral Health Officers
Mark Prince
Senior Behavioral Health Officer

Behavioral Health Officers ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors in the Behavioral Health Unite by conducting contraband search upon admission and screening visitors prior to visits.  BHOs work with mental health staff to ensure a safe, smooth patient transition.

Fire Watch Officers
Richard Pfiffner
Senior Fire Watch Officer

Fire Watch Officers inspect the site for life safety hazards and fire hazards. FWOs also check to ensure permit documentation such a pre-construction risk assessments and infection control risk assessments are completed and on-site.

Transportation Officers
Thomasina West
Transportation Leade, Captain

​Transportation Officers provide escorts for personnel and visitor needing to fro from one health system building  to another. They also assist in transporting sensitive items and emergency medical supplies to and from other facilities. .