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Tamara Parrish
Sergeant Alice Simione
Security Dispatch Supervisor

Scope of Services

GRU Dispatch Center is the main life of communication when assistance is needed or an emergency arises. They are a 24/7 operation with knowledgeable dispatchers ready to answer calls in a timely and courteous manner. The dispatch center answer approximately 18,000 phone calls and radio traffic per month. They are responsible for 56 phone lines, 45 elevator phones, six outer lot emergency phones, nine Trigon door boxes and monitor 146 cameras. Dispatchers monitor fire systems, TotGuard Infant Alarm System, p2000 panic and forced door alarms as well as the METASYS which has over 20,000 possible alarms for maintenance and the Quantum Pneumatic Tube System. The GRU Dispatch Center is also the main life for all maintenance calls taking approximately 1,400 per month.


To provide quality serve to our customers in a expedient and professional manner while respecting the diversity of our organization and recognizing that our employees are our most valuable resource.


To be recognized leader in hospital Safety & Security Communications through outstanding customer service, speedy dispatch and answers or resolutions to requests.