​Fire & Life Safety


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Freddie Minix
​Senior Fire/Life Safety Technician 
Jaret Helmstetter
Fire/Life Safety Technician
Shannon Stoddard
Fire/Life Safety Technician

Scope of Services

Georgia Regents University Fire & Life Safety is devoted to providing personal safety and meeting the safety needs of patients, visitors and staff though investigation, inspection, enforcement and coordination. The team performs investigations and root cause analysis of problem areas to ensure proper corrective action is taken and revision of policy initiated. Fire suppression systems and equipment are ensure to b function and properly located and Chemical disposal is coordinated through GRU Fire & Life Safety. The team works in close association with Richmond County Fire Department and Public Health as well as GRU Environmental Safety & Radiation Safety.


To ensure the safest possible work place at a major medical facility recognizing our responsibility to protect assets from damage or loss. To provide a safe environment for the public we serve while striving toward our ultimate goal of achieving an accident free, loss free environment for our employees and the public.


To administer an aggressive loss control program with component including a safety committee, written safety policies and procedure, employee training, safety inspections and additional administrative controls.