Supply Chain Material Management Information Systems 

MCG Health, Inc. Supply Chain MMIS Section

Welcome to the MCG Health, Inc. Supply Chain MMIS Section Web page.  The purpose of this Web page is to briefly familiarize supply chain management customers with the functions and scope of activities performed by the Supply Chain MMIS Section in support of the health system.


The Supply Chain MMIS Section is responsible for providing support for the institution's Materials Management System, Pathways Material Management "PMM" and Financial System, Pathways Financial Management ‘PFM".  Our main objective is to maintain the system with current and accurate information to be able to provide the health system with the right item at the right price.

General Information

The Supply Chain MMIS Section is located in the PL Building at 1225 Walton Way.  Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Services in Supply Chain MMIS Section are designed to meet the needs of our departments within MCG Health and include:

  • System Access

    • Pathways Materials Management (PMM) system

    • Pathways Financial Management (PFM) system

  • System Maintenance

    • Item Master

      • Additions / Changes / Deletions

    • Vendor Master

      • Additions / Changes / Deletions

  • PMM Training and Support

    • Individual 1-on-1 or Department

    • Requisitions

    • Templates

    • Reports

    • Order Tracking

    • Invoices

    • Item File Management

    • Cost Center and Object Code


Supply Chain System Coordinator:  Renee' Harrop


(706) 721-4613


(706) 840-1786


(706) 723-0306