Supply Chain Value Analysis

The purpose of this page is to briefly familiarize supply chain management customers with the functions and scope of activities performed by the Supply Chain Value Implementation Section in support of the health system.


The new Value Implementation Process will be the product review, selection and utilization process. The improved process will provide timely, cost effective and value oriented selection of products and practices. To transition from current state to future state by identifying and implementing initiatives that improve: Quality of patient outcomes, patient safety, benchmarking, employee satisfaction, service efficiency and financial performance.

General Information

The Supply Chain Value Implementation Process Section is located in the PL Building at 1225 Walton Way. 
Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Services in Supply Chain Value Implementation Process Section are designed to meet the needs of our departments within MCG Health and include:

  • The ability to develop analysis into easily understandable presentation materials for multi-disciplined audience.
  • The ability to complete product line evaluations to determine profitability.
  • Performance of ROI analysis on contracts, products, equipment and projects.
  • Committees will be multidisciplinary to optimize product selection, process efficiency and timely implementation


Value Implementation Program Facilitator: