Uniform Ordering Instructions

The Scrubs and Beyond webstite​ is activated for purchasing all uniforms for AU Health. The login and ordering information can be found Augusta Ordering Instructions 11.16.2017.pdfAugusta Ordering Instructions 11.16.2017.pdf.
Customer Service: 866-795-5649 
Email: special_orders@scrubsandbeyond.com
Hours 7:30AM-4:30PM CST
For IT Issues: 314-856-9158 or microsite_admin@scrubsandbeyond.com


Colors chosen for Uniform Branding Initiative; Fit-Line event set for Aug. 21-26

It's time to show your trule colors!

The colors have been chosen and a kickoff event for the implementation of the AU Health Uniform Branding Initiative has been scheduled. Please mark your calendars for the uniform Fit-Line event on Aug. 21-26.

Thanks to employee participation and feedback and the hard work of the Uniform Selection Committee and supporting teams, AU Health is now ready to begin the process of transitioning to the new standards for uniform wear.

In order to ensure that employees have the best opportunity to see and try on their uniforms prior to ordering, AU Health in partnership with Scrubs & Beyond, will host a Fit-Line event in Professional Building 1 from Aug. 21 – 26, which will serve as the first opportunity for employees to sample, try-on, and order their uniforms.

Shortly following the Fit-Line event, we anticipate establishing both a retail store and website through which AU Health employees will be able to continue to order new uniforms in advance of the December 1, 2017 effective date for AU Health’s revised Personal Appearance Policy.

As always, employees are encouraged to visit the AU Health Uniform Branding pages on PAWS to access additional information about the Uniform Branding Initiative.


Showcase generates vital feedback on Uniform Branding Initiative

The AU Health Uniform Showcase events on the health sciences campus and practice site locations were quite popular. More than 800 employees stopped in to interact with uniform vendors and sample uniform styles, colors, and branding, in addition to providing their input for the Uniform Branding Initiative.

More than 2,300 surveys were submitted in addition to over 250 comments through the PAWS feedback form. This feedback was crucial in helping inform the Uniform Selection Committee’s recommendations for this project.

See a snapshot of AU Health’s feedback in an infographic on PAWS.

Moving forward, the Uniform Selection Committee is scheduled to meet several times over the coming months in preparation for presenting its final recommendations to the AU Health leadership team. Final decisions by leadership are expected in late June, and implementation should begin in early August.

Please continue to stay engaged through the Uniform Selection Committee, and look for updates on the Uniform Branding Initiative pages on PAWS. 


AU Health Uniform Showcase set for May 8, 10 and 12

Make plans to attend a special Uniform Showcase during National Hospital Week/National Nurses Week in May. AU Health employees will have three opportunities to preview styles, materials and colors from several manufacturing lines for clinical and facility workwear, including scrub tops and bottoms, scrub jackets, golf shirts, khaki and cargo pants, button-down work shirts and work jackets.

AU Health employees will be able to interact with customer service representatives, sample and try on uniforms and preview branding options in one convenient setting. The Uniform Showcase will take place at the following times and places:

Monday, May 8 8 a.m.-2 p.m. & 7-9 p.m. Lee Auditoria Center
Wednesday, May 10 8 a.m.-2 p.m. & 7-9 p.m. Lee Auditoria Center
Friday, May 12 11 a.m. until complete West Wheeler Campus

In addition, there will be free refreshments and the Augusta University JagStore will operate a pop-up store offering a 25% discount on select merchandise at the Uniform Showcase events in Lee Auditoria.

Feedback from employees during the Uniform Showcase will help inform the Uniform Selection Committee’s recommendations for the Uniform Branding Initiative.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far. We’ve received important questions and input from many of you and provided updates to the FAQs and the PAWS page information.

Please continue to visit our Uniform Branding Initiative’s landing page on PAWS.

We appreciate your commitment to this initiative.


AU Health Uniform Selection Committee needs your input on styles, colors and more

The Uniform Branding Initiative at AU Health has officially begun, and clinical leaders and staff are excited about the opportunity to collectively enhance the patient experience while proudly promoting the Augusta University brand on uniforms.

Since this initiative was announced by AU Medical CEO Lee Ann Liska a few weeks ago, much work has happened behind the scenes to begin engaging employees, hospital leaders and other key stakeholders in this important project.

To that end, a multidisciplinary Uniform Selection Committee that widely represents all AU Health employees has been created to facilitate the decision-making process. Committee members emphasized that no decisions about uniforms had been predetermined and that employees are encouraged to share their ideas through the uniform branding survey. 

PAWS intranet page on the Uniform Branding Initiative has been developed to provide background information, timely updates, FAQs, and other uniform branding news. The Uniform Selection Committee is working to create innovative, engaging and fun ways to involve employees in this project, including special events that will take place during Hospital Week both at the medical center and practice site locations – please stay tuned for more information on these opportunities.


Information released on health system uniform branding initiative

The following information was distributed by Lee Ann Liska, executive vice president for health affairs for Augusta University and chief executive officer for AU Medical Center.

Our top priority at AU Health is to provide the highest level of Patient- and Family-Centered Care, satisfaction, quality and safety. Because you are the most visible and impactful contributor to a patient’s experience, you are a key player in this commitment.

As such, I am excited to announce a health system uniform branding initiative that will allow us to enhance the patient experience, focus on employee engagement, and continue celebrating our brand rollouts for Augusta University and AU Health. By standardizing uniforms for those who deliver patient care and services, it is my hope that we can foster a greater spirit of unity among employees, while creating a seamless health care experience for our patients.

Throughout all stages of this initiative, it is vital that we have your involvement and support. We are currently in the exploratory phase and are working diligently to build a team that is representative of the many areas and functions of our health system. As we proceed, we will create opportunities to ensure your participation in the uniform selection process. Please stay tuned for more information about these opportunities and this exciting project.